About Prohibition Craft Spirits

Below the historic streets of Downtown Louisville there’s a system of tunnels once used by Prohibition-era bootlegging smugglers. Just above those tunnels sits Prohibition Craft Spirits, an award-winning independent distillery. They opened their doors in 2016, offering Kentucky a collection of craft spirits including agave spirits, rum, vodka and gin.

Prohibition Craft Spirits was founded by R. Keith Hazelbaker when he and the W.H. Hyden, the Master Distiller, realized something. Everyone in Kentucky was making bourbon. So, they curated a collection of craft spirits to fill the void. When their NULU Reposado was featured at a music festival in 2015, they knew they were onto something special.

Located in the epicenter of Bourbon Country, Prohibition Craft Spirits has the unique advantage of using wet bourbon barrels at their distillery. Their NULU Reposado and NULU Anejo are aged in freshly emptied Kentucky bourbon barrels. Prohibition distilling philosophy is threaded throughout Prohibition Craft Spirits. Locally sourced ingredients distilled to taste in small batches. There’s a reason their craft spirits are award-winning.

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