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Prohibition Craft Spirits

NULU Reposado

NULU Reposado

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When Jalisco meets Louisville, award-winning things happen. Prohibition Craft Spirits imports 100% Blue Agave spirit directly from distilling partners in Mexico to their Kentucky distillery. When the agave spirit arrives, they use it to fill freshly-dumped, still wet bourbon barrels. Then they let it sit for a minimum of six months until it becomes NULU Reposado. The charred oak barrels lend a bourbon sweetness to the heat of the agave. Born in Mexico. Raised in Kentucky. Welcome to new Louisville.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Bourbon-Caramel, Sweet Agave

Taste: Bourbon Forward, Sweet, Notes of Caramel

Finish: Warm Agave

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