About Short Mountain Distillery

Short Mountain, Tennessee has an illustrious past when it comes to distilling. Famous moonshiners would use caves to make moonshine and supply Al Capone’s speakeasies. On that same hallowed ground of distilling history, Short Mountain Distillery is cooking up award-winning craft spirits.

Billy Kaufman approached his brothers about opening the distillery when he realized what it could do for his community. He already owned Short Mountain Farm, a 400-acre farm that provided food for local markets. It got him thinking that a distillery would create jobs and bolster other local farms. The brother banded together and opened Short Mountain Distillery in 2010.

Short Mountain Distillery linked up with local legendary moonshiners Ricky Estes and Ronald Lawson to help produce their award-winning craft spirits. For a unique spin on prohibition style moonshine, give their Short Mountain Prohibition Tea a try. Made with peach juice, black tea and local sorghum. Best enjoyed with a little lemon on a porch during a crisp summer day.

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