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Short Mountain Distillery

Short Mountain Moonshine

Short Mountain Moonshine

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Short Mountain Shine has the coolness of peppermint and the flavors of sweet corn, with a warm, smooth finish. It is double distilled from a mash of cane sugar and heirloom corn, both locally grown and stone milled on their 300 acre farm. Every drop is fermented and distilled from a Cannon County recipe that's been handed down for generations. The Short Mountain moonshine recipe differs greatly from other moonshines throughout the Southeast due to its high sugar content. This isn't another unaged corn whiskey, but a spirit made from 70% pure sugar cane and 30% ground heirloom corn. Despite its high proof, it is very mixable and smooth.

Abv: 52.5

Proof: 105.0


Taste: Sweet Corn

Finish: Warm, Smooth

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