About Syntax Spirits

Syntax Spirits’ production line was designed and hand-built by Heather. The grains used in the production of their award-winning craft spirits are locally sourced. The water they use is pure Colorado water, recently voted ‘best water in the country.’ It’s that handmade, locally sourced attitude that makes each bottle of Syntax Spirits uniquely Colorado.

A 115-year-old grain elevator in Greeley, Colorado is home to Syntax Spirits. The distillery is the award-winning brainchild of an engineer and an atmospheric scientist with a shared passion for craft spirits. Their green approach to distilling produces craft spirits as clean as the Colorado high plains.

Before starting Syntax Spirits, founder Heather Bean had a 25-year career spanning chemical, mechanical and software engineering. But distilling has been Heather’s lifelong passion. She started in her mother’s kitchen making wine at eight years old. Later in life she started homebrewing beer. Distilling craft spirits was the next logical step. Along with co-owner Jeff Copeland, they opened the doors to Syntax Spirits in 2010.

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