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Syntax Spirits

Crystal Vodka

Crystal Vodka

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Syntax Spirits makes vodka the hard way, from grain to glass, never using any neutral grain spirits. When you drink Syntax's Crystal Vodka, you're enjoying a completely unique, truly local spirit that doesn't taste like all the rest. To create its unique, smooth character, they start with 100% local wheat. Then they grind, mash, and ferment the grain, and distill it in their handmade column stills. Finally, they polish the flavor by carbon filtering.

Syntax's vodka has been awarded many honors including Gold Medals from the Beverage Tasting Institute and Microliquor International Spirits Awards, and a finalist rating in the Good Food Awards.

Try it mixed, on the rocks with a twist, or the way head distiller Heather likes it: neat.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Cereal and Fruit

Taste: Creamy Texture

Finish: Smooth, Rounded

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