About Tequila Corcel

What do you get when two brothers and a good friend get together to celebrate their Mexican heritage? The answer is simple. Tequila Corcel. It’s an award-winning line of craft tequilas, and every aspect of its creation embodies tradition.

Tequila Corcel was founded in 2015 by Eduardo and Esteban Magan and Alejandro Carmona. Their families’ deep Mexican roots is what brought them to tequila. But their love of Mexico’s strong character, bold history and culture are what brought them to their name. Meaning ‘steed,’ a Corcel is strong, distinct and loyal. It was an animal for royalty only. That regality is distilled into every bottle.

The Tequila Corcel award-winning portfolio of tequilas includes Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añjeo. They use Midland Agave grown in the ‘Food Basket of Mexico,’ where the soil also grows sweet corn, strawberries and sugar cane. All of that sweetness finds its way into the agave, and, eventually, into your glass.

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