About Traverse City Whiskey Co

Traverse City locals know the value of their quaint Northern Michigan city. They love and appreciate their town, calling it a place where life and whiskey are enjoyed, and lasting memories are made. Traverse City Whiskey Co. adds to the local culture with their small batch whiskeys.

The craft distillery has worked hard to reconstruct a three-generation-old recipe. Day in and day out, Traverse City Whiskey Co. uses the family heirloom recipe, paired with techniques taken directly from the patents of founder Chris Fredrickson’s great-grandfather, to create extraordinary whiskeys.

Unlike other distilleries, Traverse City Whiskey Co. focuses on only one spirit: handcrafted whiskey. Made using a custom-built 400-gallon Kothe still. A combination copper pot and column still, Traverse City’s whiskeys gain complex characteristics while distilling. And they adopt rich color and flavors while aging in Michigan’s rapidly changing, distinct seasons.

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