About Up North Distillery

Idaho is a state known for their potatoes, but an independent distillery in Post Falls is taking their small batch spirits in a different direction. Owned and operated by a married couple, Up North Distillery has been making their award-winning craft spirits from apples and honey since it was founded in 2015.

There’s two stories behind Up North Distillery. The unofficial story is that the owners of Up North Distillery had years of home-distilling experience, testing out recipes in their garage. The official story is that they were inspired by a distilling class. And from that day on, the dreaming and planning began, leading them down the road to Up North.

Up North Distillery prides themselves on being a true craft distillery. They don’t buy bulk spirits. Using locally-sourced honey, fruit, and grains, they shape flavors that tantalize and delight from farm to flask. The independent Post Falls distillery does everything by hand, so you know exactly what’s going in your glass.

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