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Apologue Liqueurs

Apologue Paw Paw Liqueur

Apologue Paw Paw Liqueur

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The Paw Paw liqueur is Apologue’s seasonal release, highlighting the delicious Paw Paw fruit. For those unfamiliar, the Paw Paw is the largest edible tree fruit native to North America. The Paw Paw’s sweet, custardish flavor, similar to a banana and a mango, earned it the nickname, the Hillbilly Mango. Plagued by a short shelf-life, the delectable Paw Paw has remained relatively obscure, but with a passionate following of those familiar. Apologue sources its organic Paw Paw from Integration Acres Farm in Albany, OH, To create the Paw Paw liqueur, Apologue collaborated with Julia McKinley, an alum of tiki-temple Lost Lake.

Abv: 33.0

Proof: 66.0


Taste: Tropical notes of fresh mango and banana give way to warm baking spice, ginger and cinnamon. Subtle hints of fresh lime and vanilla. Tastes like Autumn on an island.

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