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Aviation Gin

Aviation American Gin

Aviation American Gin

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Cardamom, coriander, French lavender, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, and two kinds of orange peel. Macerating these botanicals for 18 hours makes Aviation American Gin one of the cleanest, most flavorful gins in the world. Floral and earthy, Aviation has hints of root beer and cinnamon. A long, moderately warm finish with flamed orange peel makes this just as good neat as in a cocktail icon like the Aviation.

Abv: 42.0

Proof: 84.0


Aroma: Dull Juniper, Wet Dark Boreal Forest, Lavender, and Rooty, Earthy Spice

Taste: Root Beer, Hints of Cinnamon, Cassia, Bit of Cardamom

Finish: Floral, Earthy Spice, Birch Beer, Flamed Orange Peel, Long and Moderately Warm

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