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CALI Distillery

CALI Whiskey

CALI Whiskey

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California is a sun-washed land of dreamers and builders with relaxed creativity and natural luxury. CALI Whiskey is a reflection of that warm, welcoming, mellow culture. CALI Whiskey is full-bodied with whispers of wonderful aromatic spices and botanicals. Rich, smooth, with a deep tan and a bit of easy-going complexity, CALI Distillery presents a unique California Twist on classic American Sipping Whiskey. CALI starts with pure whiskey front notes and ends with subtle, complex, slightly sweet spice notes. The flavors of CALI Whiskey arise organically from the interaction of rich corn mash bourbon and spicy rye, mellowed by clean oak and finished with their own signature blends of herbs, spices and botanicals. The CALI Distillery family want their whiskey to be something that a real whiskey lover will be happy share with friends, even non-whiskey friends. Pour a glass to sip while reading a good book or while laughing with friends, this whiskey is good in all occasions.

Abv: 42.5

Proof: 85.0


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