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Candella Micro-Distillery

Candella Y-Town Expresso Vodka

Candella Y-Town Expresso Vodka

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Yes, Candella's Expresso Vodka is spelled a little different. After all, they want to EXpress themselves a little differently than the others by creating an EXceptional espresso you're sure to love. Candella Micro-Distillery's Expresso Vodka is made using only the finest espresso beans from South America.

These beans are locally roasted to produce a rich and bold vodka that is perfect on the rocks or in your own coffee-inspired creation. It is warm golden brown in appearance, has a slightly sweet aroma with a great note of freshly roasted espresso beans. It tastes as rich and bold as your favorite cup of espresso with the caffeine kick to match. Needless to say, it's EXcellent.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Espresso Beans

Taste: Rich and Bold Like Your Favorite Cup of Espresso

Finish: Espresso

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