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Cowboy Country Distilling Co.

Gold Spur Corn Whiskey

Gold Spur Corn Whiskey

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Cowboy Country Distilling's pre-Prohibition style Gold Spur Corn Whiskey carries you away to a quieter time. A time when all you heard was your spurs jangling as you walked atop a mountain range. The double-distilled whiskey showcases earthy, nutty and grassy notes of natural grains. Its brief aging period in oak barrels illuminate vanilla, cinnamon and caramel notes throughout the spirit. It's a sip that celebrates a hard job well done.

Abv: 43.0

Proof: 86.0


Aroma: Grassy with Vanilla

Taste: Light Peppery, Cinnamon, Date, Caramel and Light Chocolate

Finish: Smooth Finish, Light Body

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