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Dark Door Spirits

Spirit of Hearts Vodka

Spirit of Hearts Vodka

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When the Tampa-based Dark Door Spirits set out to make their vodka, they knew it had to be as clean and crisp as a breath of fresh, oceanic air. With their award-winning Spirit of Hearts vodka, Dark Door Spirits accomplished exactly what they had set out for. Made from a 100% corn base, Spirit of Hearts vodka is clean, crisp and holds the slightest sweetness. The clean aroma teases you with a hint of warm, Florida summer air. With every crisp taste you'll find a subtle corn sweetness before the light finish lingers like a drink of fresh water.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Clean, Warm Florida Summer

Taste: Crisp, Sweet Corn

Finish: Smooth, Light, Fresh, Clean Water Finish

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