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Dark Door Spirits

Spirit of Prohibition Lavender Gin

Spirit of Prohibition Lavender Gin

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Dark Door Spirits set out to make a gin for whiskey drinkers without losing the bright notes that make up their own award-winning gin. The result is the Spirit of Prohibition Lavender Gin. It's the matured, award-winning version of their Spirit of Prohibition gin. The barreled gin does not lose any of the complexities gained from its old-fashioned, two-week steeping period with whole botanicals, including lavender and rose hips. Instead, it effortlessly weaves new earthy notes developed in the oak barrels to complement the floral bouquet.

About Dark Door Spirits

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Floral Bouquet, Earthiness, Citrus, Pine

Taste: Juniper, Pine, Florida Citrus, Tart Cranberries, Floral Notes

Finish: High Viscosity, Smooth Texture

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