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Dry Fly Distilling

Dry Fly Straight Triticale Whiskey

Dry Fly Straight Triticale Whiskey

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Dry Fly Distilling's Straight Triticale Whiskey is the first of its kind. Triticale is a unique wheat-rye hybrid grain that originated during the late-1800s in Scotland. The unconventional grain is sourced from Wisota Farms, just south of Dry Fly Distilling. Aged a minimum of three years, the complexities start immediately in this singular whiskey with unique tones of caramel-covered apples and peanut butter, moving through to a long, dreamy finish with the minerality of black tea.

Abv: 45.0

Proof: 90.0


Aroma: White Pepper, Stone Fruit, Caramel-Coated Ripe Red Apple, and Peanut

Taste: Fresh-Baked Wheat Bread, Coffee Cedar, Caramel, Tangerine, and New Leather

Finish: Long, Dreamy with Textured Tones of Minerality

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