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FEW Spirits

FEW Single Malt Whiskey

FEW Single Malt Whiskey

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FEW Single Malt Whiskey is one malt to rule them all. Made from 100% malted barley that is smoked with cherry wood rather than peat, this whiskey is a limited release. Less than 600 bottles are released each year, so be sure to get your hands on one of them. FEW Single Malt is subtly smoky with the flavors of an afternoon cappuccino leading the way. Tones of semi-sweet chocolate give way to a soft and smooth finish that wouldn't be out of place in bourbon.

Abv: 46.0

Proof: 92.0


Aroma: Smoked Almond and Honey

Taste: Cappuccino, Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Subtle Smoke

Finish: Soft, Smooth, Rye and Bourbon

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