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Freeland Spirits

Freeland Geneva Gin

Freeland Geneva Gin

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Freeland Spirits was named after their founder's grandmother, it's only appropriate that they distill a craft spirit inspired by the Genever. The Dutch grandmother of gin. Freeland's Geneva showcases Oregon in every pour. Made with locally grown rye and an array of savory botanicals. The powerful rye makes the Geneva very grain forward, like freshly baked bread. The rich grain backbone of the spirit is heightened with alluring spices and botanicals, with just a hint of Willamette Valley hazelnut.

Abv: 45.0

Proof: 90.0


Aroma: Fresh Baked Bread, Grain Forward with Botanical Lift

Taste: Rich Layered Rye and Buckwheat with Undertones of Hazelnut, Juniper and Spice

Finish: Lengthy and Contemplative

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