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High West Distillery

High West Double Rye! Whiskey

High West Double Rye! Whiskey

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Yes, there's an exclamation point there. It serves as a promise from High West Distillery to showcase the raw beauty of the rye and make the spiciest rye whiskey to ever grace a glass. High West Double Rye! makes good on their promise. It's a blend of a young, sourced rye and an older one distilled by High West. Together, they form a bold and complex whiskey that keeps the bold spice flavor while calming the bite. Use High West Double Rye! to stir up an extraordinary Manhattan.

About High West Distillery

Abv: 46.0

Proof: 92.0


Aroma: Mint, Clove, Cinnamon, Licorice Root, Pine Nuts, Dark Chocolate, Gin Botanicals

Taste: Rye Spice, Menthol, Mint, Eucalyptus, Herbal Tea, Wildflower Honey, Allspice

Finish: Cinnamon and Mint, Gradually Sweetening, Hint of Anise

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