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La Truffe Cognac

La Truffe Cognac VS

La Truffe Cognac VS

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Made on the same estate and using the same methods the Cabanne family has since 1686, La Truffe Cognac V.S. is indeed very special. Aged in damp, humid cellars, distinct nutty notes and tones of truffle arise. La Truffe Cognac V.S. is well-balanced with beautiful aromas of spring flower honey and hazelnut. It's sweet and smoky, layered with notes of honey and exotic fruit. With a signature almond and truffle finish, La Truffe V.S. is one to savor.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Spring Flower Honey, Ripe Wheat, Licorice, Hazelnut, Forest Truffle

Taste: Sweet, Smoky with notes of Honey and Exotic Fruit

Finish: Wood, Almond, and Truffle

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