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Loch & Union Distilling

Loch & Union American Dry Gin

Loch & Union American Dry Gin

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The California distillery's six-times distilled base spirit is vapor-infused with twelve distinct botanicals. The traditional evergreen flavor from juniper paves the way for warmer tones of spice, bright hints of citrus, and lush floral notes. All of which come together in this beautiful, harmonious American Dry Gin.

Abv: 47.0

Proof: 94.0


Aroma: Light Juniper, Sweet Citrus Zest, and Pastel Notes of Chamomile

Taste: Lively, Energetic, Juniper-forward with Citrus, Vanilla, Pepper, and Nutmeg

Finish: Long and Soft, Sweet Chamomile and Floral Notes

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