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Moylan's Distilling Co.

Moylan's Single Malt Whisky Finished in Port Barrels

Moylan's Single Malt Whisky Finished in Port Barrels

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Pick up a bottle of Moylan's Distilling Co.'s Whisky Finished in a Port Barrel, and you're grabbing ‘Heaven in a Bottle.' Distilled from 100% two-row barley, the award-winning whiskey spends five years maturing in newly charred American Oak barrels. It's rounded out after finishing in succulent Port barrels for nine long months. The flavors of the Port embedded deeply in the barrels marries beautifully with the Single-Malt Whisky. The resulting pour is rich, luxurious and meant to be savored.

Abv: 55.9

Proof: 111.8


Aroma: Heaven

Taste: Rich and Succulent Port-like

Finish: Luxurious

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