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Nosotros Tequila

Nosotros Mezcal

Nosotros Mezcal

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Like its tequila predecessors, Nosotros Mezcal is made from a precise blend. Espadín and Tobalá meet in this young spirit. Nosotros includes Espadín, a staple of tradition, in their inventive process. It's fused with the ‘king of agaves,' Tobalá, which is known for vibrant, delicate earthy and sweet characteristics. The blend creates a balance of pine and citrus, enveloped by the earthy smoke of campfire.

Abv: 42.0

Proof: 84.0


Aroma: Pine, Smoke, Citrus

Taste: Apricot, Smoke, Citrus, Pine

Finish: Balanced and Approachable

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