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Oak and Eden

Oak and Eden Rye and Spire

Oak and Eden Rye and Spire

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Rye whiskey finished with a charred American Oak spire.  A rye whiskey that is bold In flavor and rich in depth, Oak and Eden produce their rye with 95% rye grain in the mash bill – perfect for cold nights by the fire. Once distilled, they age the rye in charred barrels made of American oak.

After bottling the rye whiskey, they place an American Oak spire in the bottle, which contains hundreds of naturally occurring botanicals, ranging from butterscotch to vanilla to toasted marshmallows. The combination produces a bright, yet savory whiskey, full of allspice, cinnamon, and licorice notes.

Abv: 45.0

Proof: 90.0


Taste: Allspice, Cinnamon, Licorice

Finish: Deep, Rich, Black Licorice, Candied Cherries and Caramel

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