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Old Dominick Distillery

Old Dominick Memphis Toddy

Old Dominick Memphis Toddy

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The bottle that sparked the distillery. When Alex and Chris Canale found a bottle of their great great grandfather's original Dominick Toddy, they knew it was time to resurrect it. With a recipe dating back to 1880, their Old Dominick Memphis Toddy uses bourbon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon and citrus peels. The resulting award-winning bottle tastes like the holidays were infused into a bourbon. Notes of exotic spices and rich honey are balanced by tart citrus. Best served slightly chilled over cracked ice, as originally intended by the Canale family patriarch. Do not freeze.

Abv: 30.0

Proof: 60.0


Aroma: Baked Apples, Citrus Peels, Allspice

Taste: Warming, Exotic Spices, Rich Honey, Dry, Tart Citrus

Finish: Light Body, Extremely Long, Soothing Finish

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