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StilL 630

Big Jake Breakfast Brew

Big Jake Breakfast Brew

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Using one of StilL 630's newly-emptied RallyPoint Rye Whiskey barrels, the green coffee beans were barrel-aged for weeks to absorb those delicious whiskey aromas. Then they were roasted to perfection by the masters at Kaldi's Coffee, before being transformed into a toddy concentrate.

StilL 630's distillers infuses just the right amount of toddy concentrate into their Big Jake to showcase the complimentary flavors of the two products in a harmony of taste. Finally, they added a pinch of panela (an unrefined cane sugar native to Columbia) for just a touch of sweetness. So take a tip from Big Jake and follow the goat: enjoy Big Jake's Breakfast Brew, whiskey is for breakfast again!

Abv: 40.5

Proof: 81.0


Aroma: Barrel-aged Cold Brew Coffee with a Hint of Cinnamon

Taste: White Rye Whiskey followed by Coffee

Finish: Coffee Bean, Chocolate Notes Linger

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