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Tanglin Gin

Black Powder Gin

Black Powder Gin

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Tanglin named their Navy Strength Gin for the gin style's origins. Navy Strength Gin has to be strong enough that gunpowder drenched with it will still ignite when lit. Black Powder Gin is bottled at a punchy 116 proof. The small batch gin from Singapore is velvety smooth with crisp tones of juniper and spicy bursts of citrus. The award-winner has a long, lingering finish with warm tones of pepper and herbs.

Abv: 58.0

Proof: 116.0


Aroma: Gentle Citrus with Bold Juniper and Pepper

Taste: Velvety, Crisp Juniper, Spicy Citrus, and Herbal Notes

Finish: Long and Lingering with Peppery Herbal Notes and a Gentle Warmth

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