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The Original Hatfield Family Moonshine

Ms Vanilla Piggy

Ms Vanilla Piggy

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With Hatfield Family Moonshine's Ms. Vanilla Piggy, the past meets the present. The original Hatfield family moonshine recipe from the 1800s, is paired with aromatic blends of coffee from the best of the 21st century coffee makers. The new flavorful additions bring a richness to their Heritage Moonshine recipe. Ms. Vanilla Piggy is populated with bold notes of coffee beans and vanilla. Use it to craft an adventurous, purely Appalachian take on the White Russian.

Abv: 20.0

Proof: 40.0


Aroma: Delectable Smells of Rich Swiss Vanilla Chocolates

Taste: Succulent Vanilla Flavor, Twist of Fine Coffee

Finish: Smooth, Silky, Savory Taste of Vanilla, Hint of Coffee at the Tail

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