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Midnight Marigold Bitter Cordial

Midnight Marigold Bitter Cordial

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Midnight Marigold Bitter Cordial is a product of a purely Texas partnership. The recipe was made in collaboration with the esteemed Austin cocktail hideaway, Midnight Cowboy. It's their house amaro. It's an earthy, sweet and bitter amaro great for sipping or mixing. Floral and honeyed citrus greet you when the bottle is opened. It's herbaceous bite is gentle with notes of coriander, turmeric and caraway, and it lingers with hints of candied ginger and rye bread. The flavors are distinct, but universal and Midnight Marigold Bitter Cordial lends it beautifully to any number of cocktails.

Abv: 25.0

Proof: 50.0


Aroma: Bright Floral Bouquet, Honeyed Citrus

Taste: Spice, Coriander, Caraway, Turmeric, Marigold Flower

Finish: Candied Ginger, Rye Bread

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