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Vitae Spirits



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Vitae Spirits is bringing the sunny cafés of the Mediterranean to you with their celebrated Anisette. Vitae's Anisette is reminiscent of European anisettes, but is less sweet. Their Anisette allows the herbal notes and tones to thrive. The predominant herbal notes are derived from licorice-flavored essential oils made from anise seeds. The herbal bouquet opens up over ice and with water. Bright hints of citrus linger on the palate, making Anisette a dynamic, refreshing craft aperitif.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Black Jelly Bean, New Cassette Tape, Nasturtium, Wildflower Honey

Taste: Floral, Candied Rose, Lemon Zest, Licorice

Finish: Resins from the Orient, Spoon Sweets, Hillside Herbs

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