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Waterpocket Distillery

Long Lost Oread Botanical Liqueur

Long Lost Oread Botanical Liqueur

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Highly esteemed from the 16th to the 19th centuries, Oread Botanical Liqueur was the first of Waterpocket Distillery's ‘Long Lost' spirits. Their Oread is a faithful recreation of Danziger, a root-infused liqueur crafted in northern Poland since the 16th century. Roman chamomile, sage, cassia, and orange peel are joined by eight other herbs and botanicals in every bottle of Oread. The craft liqueur is a pantheon of well-balanced botanicals and rich flavors. Every sip tastes like centuries of tradition.

Abv: 35.0

Proof: 70.0


Aroma: Color Burst, Dominated by Sweet Orange Peel and Sage, Hints of Chamomile

Taste: Herbal Sage, Cinnamon, Citrus, Star Anise, and Chamomile

Finish: Apple and Christmas Spice, Mildly Sweetened

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