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Waterpocket Distillery

Toadstool Pennellen Amaro No. 2

Toadstool Pennellen Amaro No. 2

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Take a walk through the desert passage between Mt. Ellen and Mt. Pennell with Waterpocket Distillery's Pennellen Amaro No. 2. Named for the route in Utah's Henry Mountains, Pennellen is an amaro inspired by Imperial-style bitters. It's made with Haitian bitter orange peel, bergamot, clove and bay laurel. Pennellen Amaro No. 2 is a light-style amaro that still comes across bold and refreshing. It was designed to be appreciated straight and chilled, or as an accent in your next cocktail.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Citrus, Close, Warm Spice And Bergamot

Taste: Orange and Baked Cookie with Clove Overlay, an Earthly Gentian and Cinchona Tonic Bitterness

Finish: Pepper And Warm Spice

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