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Whiskey Del Bac

Whiskey Del Bac Classic

Whiskey Del Bac Classic

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Before Whiskey Del Bac ever introduced their signature mesquite spin on whiskies, they had to make their control batch. In fact, the award-winning Whiskey Del Bac Classic was originally called ‘The Control'. They modeled the craft whiskey after Speyside Scotches, though it lacks the smoke of Islay Scotches. Ripe stone fruit turns to sweet caramel and oak in Whiskey Del Bac Classic. Pour yourself a glass to allow the robust aromas to permeate.

Abv: 42.0

Proof: 84.0


Aroma: Floral and Fruity with a hint of Oak

Taste: Ripe Stone Fruits

Finish: Sweet Caramel, Oak

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