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Wild Moon Liqueurs

Wild Moon Liqueurs Birch

Wild Moon Liqueurs Birch

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What was better than a cold root beer on a hot summer day? Wild Moon Liqueurs decided to bring back those flavors in their Birch Liqueur. Made with leaves from Birch trees, their Birch Liqueur is deceptively simple. The perfect unique addition to any home bar. The liqueur opens with a nose of a root beer float, reminiscent of a warm summer day. It's birch taste is bright and sweet, but mellowed by a hint of spice. The flavors linger with a fiery amber finish with notes of peat and vanilla. The finish is similar to that of scotch, but without the burn.

Abv: 20.0

Proof: 40.0


Aroma: Root Beer Flavor, Creamy, Sweet, Fresh Hints of Spring

Taste: Birch, Sweet, Mellowed by a Touch of Spice

Finish: Fiery Amber, Notes of Peat and Vanilla, Full-bodied, Ends with Sassafras

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