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Wolf Point Distilling

Everleigh Botanical Infused Vodka

Everleigh Botanical Infused Vodka

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Everleigh Botanical Infused Vodka is created using a special vapor infusion distillation method followed by macerating select botanicals. Through the vapor infusion Wolf Point Distilling is able to infuse the vodka with the essence and aromas of the botanicals. After the distillation, they seep elderberries, mint, and hibiscus which lends to the unique color and bright flavor profile.

The Everleigh Club, titled after the Everleigh sisters, was a lavish and infamous high-class Chicago Brothel. From 1900 to 1911, the club was regarded as one of the country's most distinguished, luxurious brothels. It was visited by high-ranking politicians, European nobles and royals, and anyone of stature or prominent wealth.

When the two sisters came in possession of the club, they carried out extensive renovations, creating themed rooms such as the Rose Parlor, Gold and Silver Parlor, the Mirror Room, and the Japanese Throne Room. The place was decorated and furnished with beautiful oriental rugs, tapestries, gold-framed nude paintings, and a $15,000 gold-leaf piano situated in the Music Parlor. The dining room was designed to resemble a private Pullman car where guests were served extravagant gourmet suppers.

The women of the club were known as the Everleigh Butterflies, with one of the most sought-after butterflies named Suzy Poon Tang. The Everleigh club provided an extremely exclusive, well-protected, and desirable atmosphere for all parties involved. The sisters had high standards for the club, and if anyone violated the sister's house rules, it was grounds for termination both on the employee and membership side. This gave the club a well-respected standing. Clients did not want to be seen at any other brothel as the Everleigh enhanced their reputation and was seen as a badge of honor.

Clients would often say they were going to get "Everleighed" tonight, which led to the popular phrase "get laid."

In 1910 the Chicago Vice Commission sought to shut down the Everleigh club and the rest of the brothels in the city to bring reform. The sisters ultimately accepted the decision and reportedly said, "If the Mayor says we must close, that settles it... I'll close up shop and walk out with a smile on my face." They left Chicago and resettled in New York City, where they started a neighborhood poetry club.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Floral and citrus

Taste: Elderberries, mint and hibiscus

Finish: Bright

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