About Dark Door Spirits

There’s a dark door in Tampa, Florida waiting to be opened. It beckons you to come twist the handle and walk in. Inside is Dark Door Spirits, a distillery overflowing with award-winning craft spirits. With a blend of classic distilling methods and new technology, they craft whiskeys, gins and vodka.

Matt Allen, Brandon Marshall and Steve Clamp founded Dark Door Spirits in 2016. When they started the distillery, they never thought they’d be winning awards. They just wanted to craft spirits in an interesting way, putting their own spins on flavors and ingredients. After a few years of following that path, the awards started flowing in as fast as the spirits were going out.

Dark Door Spirits made their presence known with their old-fashioned gin, Spirit of Prohibition. They resuscitated an infusion process long forgotten since the days of the Noble Experiment. Dark Door steeps whole botanicals, including lavender and rose hips, in their gin for two full weeks. Spirit of Prohibition comes out sweet, rounded and ready to fill your glass.

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