About Thornton Distilling Co.

There’s a building in Thornton, Illinois that houses 160 years of alcohol production history. The newest chapter of the building’s history is being written by Thornton Distilling Company. Founded in 2014, the independent distillery is proud to be continuing the legacy of an Illinois landmark with their craft spirits.

Thornton Distilling Company is headquartered in Illinois’ oldest standing brewery. The Well at the Distillery dates back to 1857. But it wasn’t until 2014 that Jake Weiss and Andrew Howell founded Thornton Distilling Company, bringing along their Head Distiller Ari Klafter, who has a Masters in brewing and distilling science from Scotland’s Heriot Watt University.

The famed artesian well was constructed in the 1830s and is attached to a limestone filtered aquifer that’s fed by Lake Superior. Drawn from 150 feet underground, the mineral-rich artesian water serves as the foundation for each of their complex craft spirits. From the building to the water, the history of Illinois is in every drop made by Thornton Distilling Company.

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