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Chemist Spirits

Chemist Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur

Chemist Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur

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To make this decadent liqueur, Chemist Spirits starts with their smooth Barrel Rested Gin. The North Carolina distillery finishes the gin with rich cacao from French Broad Chocolate and zesty American oranges to create their Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur. This chocolatey-citrus concoction was designed with cocktails in mind. But the luscious gin liqueur's notes of glazed orange and rich chocolate are great when poured over ice and sipped.

Abv: 30.0

Proof: 60.0


Aroma: Smooth Cacao and Sharply Sweet Candied Citrus

Taste: Glazed Orange, Rich Chocolate, Vanilla, and Juniper

Finish: Smooth and Velvety, Roasted Cacao, Bright Candied Oranges

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