About Chemist Spirits

One could describe Debbie Word as a historic preservationist, a craft enthusiast, and dedicated hobbyist. She’s also the founder of the women owned and operated Chemist Spirits, which she runs with her daughter Danielle Donaldson and son-in-law James, both of whom bring their own unique skill sets to the independent distillery in Asheville, North Carolina.

Along with James and Danielle, who is an actual chemist by trade, Debbie ran experiment after experiment on a hand-hammered copper pot still at her Highland Mountain cabin. With each batch their excitement for the craft grew. Before long, the hobby spawned the idea of opening a 1920s apothecary themed distillery. Behind James’s design background, Danielle’s spirit formulas, and Debbie’s extraordinary eye for detail, Chemist Spirits was born.

Chemist Spirits’ small batch gins are designed to highlight and celebrate the uniqueness of western North Carolina. Made using a direct-fire method in a hand-hammered copper pot still, Chemist’s award-winning gins are made using a creamy wheat base spirit, locally sourced botanicals, and refreshing mountain water.

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