About Maggie's Farm Rum

In the 1920s, with companies like Heinz calling it home, the Strip District was the economic hub of Pittsburgh. Now, it’s home to innovation. Technology companies call it home. Right down the road from all those tech giants, you’ll find Maggie’s Farm Rum. Crafting the first rums in Pennsylvania since before Prohibition, they’re innovating in their own right.

Tim Russell founded Maggie’s Farm Rum in 2013. For the years prior he spent his time in the brewing realm. Starting with homebrewing, he eventually opened his own brewery. But when a law change in Pennsylvania opened the door for craft distilling, Tim walked right in. He focused his attention on rum, knowing that the spirit can stand up with a broad range of flavors.

Currently Maggie’s Farm Rum has four different award-winning rum options, and two award-winning liqueur options. Their rums are distilled from Louisiana turbinado, a raw sugarcane, as opposed to molasses. They don’t add any sugar. They don’t add any artificial flavors. The result is a uniquely dry rum, waiting to be your next favorite drink.

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