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About Syrups

Why use cocktail syrups?

Cocktail syrups are the sweeteners of the craft cocktail world. Using them will add a layer of sweetness, and sometimes flavor, to your drink. From simple syrup to maple syrup, cocktail recipes call for all different types of syrup, but they generally all serve the same sweetening purpose. 

While there are plenty of recipes, from Old Fashioneds to Daiquiris, that call for simple syrup, flavored syrups serve another use. Flavored cocktail syrups are an effortless way to add bright splashes of flavor to any recipe, without having to cook anything up at home.

Types of cocktail syrups:

When it comes time to stock your bar with cocktail syrups, there are two main types you should know about:

Simple Syrup – Like the name suggests, there isn’t much to this sweetening agent. But even with its simplicity, simple syrup is a home bar staple. An essential ingredient for any number of cocktail recipes. It’s made by boiling equal parts sugar and water. Simple syrup is not a particularly difficult ingredient to make on your own, but there’s no need to dirty a saucepan when Spirit Hub will deliver craft syrups to your door.

Flavored Syrup – Using flavored cocktail syrups is the easiest way to fill your cocktails with unique, one-of-a-kind flavor. Just a half-ounce of syrup will infuse your drink with bright flavor ranging anywhere from Lavender Lemon to Ginger Honey and every fruity flavor in between.

Popular cocktail syrup brands:

Pratt Standard Cocktail Co. – Pratt Standard is bringing back the pre-Prohibition style of cocktail syrups. That means their wide range of flavored syrups lack adulteration and are made with ingredients authentic to the time period they’re styled after. For example, their True Rich Simple Syrup is made with raw demerara sugar, similar to what would have been used in the original Old Fashioned!

Tippleman’s – These delicious cocktail syrups were made by bartenders, for bartenders and anyone else who loves a good craft cocktail. Tippleman’s makes their cocktail syrups in small batches from only the highest quality ingredients. With unique expressions like Burnt Sugar and Barrel Aged Cola, Tippleman’s cocktail syrups are the easiest way to add complexities to your drinks.

Royal Rose Syrups – Handcrafted from whole, locally sourced ingredients in small batches, every cocktail syrup from Royal Rose is certified organic. Made in Maine, these cocktail syrups capture fresh flavors straight from the farm. Flavored syrups like Lavender Lemon and Wild Maine Blueberry make for a refreshing cocktail experience unlike any other.