Non-Alcoholic Home Bar Essentials

Non-Alcoholic Home Bar Essentials

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Home Bar Essentials

Home Bar Essentials

How To Stock Your Home Bar:

After you’ve found your favorite uncommon craft spirits from independent distilleries, it’s time to set up the perfect bar cart. Because without essential bar tools, those cocktails you’re ready to whip up won’t turn out as well as you had hoped.

Setting up the perfect bar cart and picking out essential home bar accessories starts with knowing what you want to drink. Fans of Old Fashioneds aren’t going to need the same bar tool sets as people who prefer a Margarita.

An Old Fashioned recipe doesn’t call for any shaking, so if that’s your drink of choice, you don’t necessarily need a cocktail shaker on your bar cart. But you will need a nifty set of whiskey tumblers, a bar spoon, and an ice ball tray. Plus the perfect bourbon, bitters, and simple syrup.

On the other hand, a Margarita definitely requires a strong shake. So finding the right type of cocktail shaker will be crucial. And, of course, what would a Margarita be without its signature stemware? Find your favorite tequila, grab some orange liqueur, and give it a good shake.

All The Necessary Home Bar Accessories:

Mixers: Making cocktails with drink mixers is a breeze. With the liquor of your choosing and a good mixer for alcohol, your favorite cocktail recipes are only two steps away. Make a quick Bloody Mary, or whip up a fast batch of Margaritas. If whiskey cocktails are more your speed, Bittermilk has some of the best Old Fashioned mixers around, not to mention their sour mix.

Cocktail Bitters: Originally enjoyed for their medicinal properties, cocktail bitters have become a crucial part of creating complex cocktails. Bitters are never a recipe’s shining ingredient. But for certain drinks, cocktail bitters are indispensable flavoring agents. Manhattans and Old Fashioneds wouldn’t be the same without them. Some of the most popular and recognizable styles of bitters include aromatic bitters and orange bitters.

Cocktail Syrups: Who doesn’t love a sweet cocktail? Cocktail syrups, like simple syrup and other flavored varieties, add a vibrant punch to any recipe. With options ranging from sugar-free simple syrup to Rosemary Grapefruit Syrup and Bourbon-Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, cocktail syrups provide an easy way to layer flavor onto any signature cocktail recipe.

Cocktail Shaker: Many of the world’s most popular cocktail recipes all for the drink to be shaken before it’s enjoyed. If any one of those recipes are on the menu, you’re going to need a shaker. Not only does shaking the cocktail ensure all the ingredients are thoroughly combined, if shaken with ice, shaking dilutes the cocktail properly.

Mixing Glass: For every cocktail that calls for a good, hard shake, there’s one that calls for gentle stirring. The general rule of thumb is if the cocktail recipe only has spirits in it, it should be stirred. Having a mixing glass makes it easy to stir up drinks, whether it’s a cocktail for one or a big batch drink.

Jigger: The measuring cup of the cocktail world. Cocktails are about balance, and making the perfect cocktail is about having the proper proportions. Most popular jiggers, like the ones that come in our bar tool sets, have a one-ounce and two-ounce side to make perfect pours from here on out.

Hawthorne Strainer: Depending on the type of cocktail shaker you have, a Hawthorne Strainer may not be necessary. Placed over the mouth of your cocktail shaker or mixing glass, a strainer keeps ice and other unwanted ingredients from ending up in your finished cocktail.

Bar Spoon: Cocktails aren’t going to mix themselves, so a bar spoon is an indispensable bar tool. A good bar spoon has some weight to it without being bulky. Best case scenario, your bar spoon will have additional features. A deep bowl makes it easy to measure out a level teaspoon. A flat end could serve as a muddler, too.

Muddler: Whether you’re stirring up and Old Fashioned or shaking up something fruity, chances are you’ll need to crush some ingredients. A muddler makes that both easy and efficient.

Ice Ball Mold: When it comes to drinking liquor on the rocks, you don’t want your drink getting too watery. Because of its larger surface area, a giant ice ball will melt slowly, adding just a little bit of water to your drink as you drink.

Decanter: Small batch liquor is an art all itself, and should be treated as such. Why hide that beautiful liquor behind dark glass and a label. Having a decanter for spirits on your bar cart allows you to put those beautiful drinks on full display. Alongside stunning decoration, a quality liquor decanter provides an airtight seal that prevents oxidation, ensuring your favorite liquor lasts as long as possible. And looks great doing it.